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CastItAnywhere platform enables space owners - Hoststo offer their internal TV screens and radio speakers to Advertisers to cast their message for a fraction of the cost.


through your local community and create new partnerships!

Simple and Easy!



  • Support your local community

  • Target by location and interests 

  • Improve your audience quality

Get ahead of your competition.


Considering radio, TV, or internet advertising?

See how they compare to real-life targeting through CastItAnywhere.

Get studies, articles, and prices

 comparing the above advertising channels.

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Brand awareness campaign for a healthy oatmeal snack at several fitness gyms, wellness, and spa centers. 



Enhanced customer activation and new product awareness campaigns at bars and pubs in the wider area for a beverage distributor.



Car wash special offer for the customers of the bars, restaurants, hair and beauty salons in its vicinity. 


Cast your Ad

Determine the days you want your ad played and upload the audio or video you would like to cast. Set your campaign and check the host's price for it.

The ad is played to your new customers

Once the ad is confirmed, it will be played in the chosen places, on the dates you scheduled in your campaign settings, catering your information directly to the audience you are interested in.

Choose your       casting locations

Don't see the desired location on the map? Invite them to join the community!

Chose your casting location based on your targeted audience,

Coming soon: CastItAnywhere IA will suggest the best places to cast your ad based on the audience you are interested in.

Wait for host confirmation

The host will be informed of your ad request, and can decline your ad if he or she finds it unfit for his or her place.

Choose the date, upload the ad and check the price

Become a Host

Are you a place owner?

Your place has great advertising potential. It's time you and your business start benefiting from it too.

Stop losing money!

No installation, 
no extra hardware.

We know you are super busy running your business as it is, so being host is super easy

Create an account and become 

a host now!


Tell us about yourself and your hosting location. After checking the submitted info, we will create a Host Account for you. You will be contacted vie the submitted mail. 

How does hosting work?

Connect your computer to your TV and/or speaker
Create a host account

Determining the location and other relevant characteristics (average no. of customers, common interests, age group) of your place. 

Set your airing time and price

We will provide you with an estimation of how much your ad space is worth, but you are free to set it any way you like it.

Invite advertisers to advertise to your customers

You know your customers best. They might also fit the target audience of nerby businesses or special interests businesses. Let them know, they are welcome to advertise at your place.

Confirm your first ads

The host will be informed of your ad request, and can decline your ad if he or she finds it unfit for his or her place.

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